Established January 17, 1974, St. Dominic Parish was erected by Most Reverent Joseph M Breitenbeck.  By 1942, the territory, which now comprises St. Dominic’s Parish, was sufficiently developed that the Bishop of Grand Rapids saw the need for a new parish.  Farther Francis M. Schultz was, therefore, sent to be Pastor.  He purchases the property and building at 3860 S. Division.  After considerable work, the building was ready to be reopened as a church under the patronage of St. John Vianney.  It would be more than 31 years before St. Dominic Parish could be established.

From August 1942 until January 1974, all of the activities would be recorded under the history of St. John Vianney.  In less then ten years, the thriving church-community had grown and the needs were such that the new church of St. John Vianney was built.  The Division Ave. Church was left behind, still to function as a mission of St. John Vianney.

When Bishop Breitenbeck officially erected St. Dominic’s Parish, he assigned Rev. Robert J. Maternoski to be the Pastor.  The first Baptisms were held on February 2, 1974, the First Communions were held on May 19, 1974 and the Confirmations were held on March 29, 1975.  The first funeral was on April 4, 1974 and the first wedding on April 7, 1974.

In the summer of 1976, bids were put out to build a new St. Dominic Church to be built on Division Ave site.  Meanwhile, an opportunity to buy the church located at 52 Bellevue, SW, a building being used by the First Assembly of God Community, who was in the process of building a new and larger church.  The Bellevue property was purchased on September 13, 1976, but was not able to take possession until April 13, 1978.

Pastors of St. Dominic
1942-1974  Rev. Francis M. Schultz
1974-1974  Rev. Robert J. Maternoski
1974-1977  Rev William. P. Walters
1977-1986  Rev. Eugene F. Alvesteffer
1986-1990  Rev. Denis P. Nash
1990-1996  Rev. Thomas J. DeYoung
1996-2018   Rev. Charles R. Dautremont